The Worst Kind of Curse

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Emily Davis’ third full-length release “The Worst Kind of Curse” infuses folk and alternative rock - diverging itself sonically from her two previous albums by employing a heavier, more visceral vibe. Centered in the heart of the album is the theme of impermanence - how it shapes who we are, how it helps us cope with our own mortality, and how it impacts the way in which we view other people. Songs like “Folklore” and “Beautiful Tomb” emphasize the inherent beauty of impermanence, while “Scatter Me” and “The Knot” relay personal hardships and how the finality of death shaped their outcomes.

“The Worst Kind of Curse” was recorded in July 2015 in Hollywood, California under the direction of Rick Parker, who produced, mixed, and mastered the album. Mike Minjarez assisted in both the album’s production and vision, and ultimately, this project would’ve been impossible without his guidance and support every step of the way.

“The Worst Kind of Curse” was also made possible by the generosity and encouragement of the 169 individuals who contributed on IndieGoGo(Opens in new window) . Thank you for believing in me these last few years - I am eternally greatful to each one of you.

  • Emily Davis - vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
  • Rick Parker(Opens in new window) - mandolin on “Folklore”
  • Mike Minjarez - backing vocals on “Folklore”
  • Dan Allair - Drums
  • Luke Tierney - Bass

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